Another test

Here is another test.

Here I am dictating and seeing whether or not it shows up well in Blogsy. So far, so good.

Let us also see if this works.


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Why I’m Finally Launching blog

Why, after all this time, am I launching this blog? It's easier to answer why I didn't launch it long ago. I've long had a domain name, but I haven't put anything out there. The site has even re dived a few spam posts as I left it in an un-launched state. I've not been eager to give up relative privacy and freedom to work on what I like. An early adopter of Twitter and Facebook, I've left both those platforms for extended periods. In the early 2000's, I began work to include blogging and social capabilities into IBM marketing sites. But the social platforms outside IBM weren't quite ready. So I moved on to other things. Now I'm back and I'm ready to blog. One shouldn't start a blog unless one has things to say. I'll find out if I do. 🙂 I've answered why I haven't, but not why I am getting around to it now.

Some reasons:

  • to share thoughts on how IT Architecture might change in response to the emergence of new social platforms. To engage with a wider audience of peer architects and techies interested in architectural aspects of the turn toward social business
  • to write in a long-form format other platforms do not afford.
  • On occasion, to embed rich media into discussions I'm having.
  • to share thoughts as they develop, understanding that they're provisional
  • to comment on trends in the industry.
  • to explore with clients, partners, and industry contacts onn what social business means (in a public way), to be the the user I've been trying to architect for in recent years.
  • to feature some of the amazing work of my IBM colleagues

Yes, all those reasons were there in the past. It's not that my reasons have changed – the market is where I had hoped it would be when I joined IBM a decade ago.

I suppose I'll discover the real reasons as I go along. Over time, I hope some will find the blog interesting and helpful.


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